Activities of an SEO

Working for a website is always an interesting job to do where updates are made on regular basis. A job of an SEO is also worth knowing. There are a number of activities that SEO performs in a day. Link Building and Monitoring is one of the main tasks a SEO will do. The main purpose of link building is to get the website on the top rankings of a search engine. With the passage of time, the link building has now become less significant as compared to content writing where more and more people want the solution of their problems rather than clicking on pages that contain no or less required information. The internet market is continuously changing its shape. Community interactions and education can be another important aspect of SEO duties. The SEOs’ knowledge gets expansion when they make comments on different articles, asking questions on different social media websites and posting messages in different forums. Search Engine like Google will never reveal its secrets too often therefore; a good SEO has to practice the theories on their own website to check what is working and what isn’t at the same time. SEOs also have to keep a check on the traffic, conversion rate metrics and rankings of the websites. SEO has to spend a lot of time doing these activities as there is not short cut for this process, analyzing and compiling all the facts and figures. The process of on-site optimization can never be stopped. SEO is continuously making content tweaks, image updates and code corrections, there are new elements ready all the time to be optimized in a better way. For the fast improvements, many agencies expand their staff for on-site analysis. Internet industry is one of the fastest growing industries and this has created a tug of war between the companies. Now the SEOs are carefully monitoring the competitors’ strategy and find opportunities to surge past the competitor in SERPS. If the SEOs are ready to put their efforts, there are a number of ways to monitor the competitor’s activities which may also reveal the knowledge on the innovative strategies to be worked on. However, it may be a time-taking task to manage both competitors’ page an in-house website. In order to make sure that the site codes are properly functioning from the SEO point of view, the SEO needs to collaborate with the marketing, development and product teams. They have to set up meetings with in-house employees along with the client departments. For sure, there is nothing wrong with playing pool, learning a different language or work out when a SEO is sitting on the computer for a long time. SEOs need to stay fresh in order to perform their duties well. Taking part in these activities will keep them fresh and enhance their work capabilities. Taking short breaks from work will enhance the productivity. In order to prevent burnouts, the refreshing time will be a great help for the SEOs and their work is highly technical.