Back To Basics

No matter how much money you throw at web marketing, if you skip the basics you will have no foundation on which to build your SEO strategy. It is important every now and then to go back to the basics to prevent us from getting caught up in minor details. Here are some of the essentials that have to be considered: Content- Engaging content is a must for any website. Don’t simply write to impress search engines as this will leave nothing of value to the end user. User Experience- Does your site look great and navigate well? This does not simply apply to computers; keep in mind a lot of searching is now being done on mobile phones and tablets so it is worthwhile to optimise your site for these devices too. Multi Channel- Are you reaching out to a variety of platforms? Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great for businesses to expand their outreach. Remember to also consider your offline efforts such as radio and television. Title Tags and Meta Description- must be unique! Although these seem arbitrary to mention, especially to those who have been a part of SEO for years, going back to basics can be beneficial to renew your outlook on what you are trying to achieve.