Brands & Google Authorship

By now you have probably heard of the benefits that Google authorship can provide your business. Some of us may be unaware however, that as well as the obvious ranking potential that Google authorship gives us, it can also offer branding opportunities for our businesses. You can now have your brand shown along with your content which will increase brand awareness and draw in potential customers. This is great news for small and medium businesses that, often, are unable to make a huge investment in campaigns. Utilising Google authorship and the rel author tag will mean that when customers are not searching for particular companies you can effectively get your brand in front of users. This is important as we all know the more exposure, the higher your potential of bringing in customers. This is a great, inexpensive way to start boosting your brand awareness and reaching potential customers. For those who may already have brand awareness established, it also provides an opportunity for brand recognition with users being more inclined to choose a business or person that they recognise.