WME – Client Engagement Brief


Provide a top line overview of what is required.

Background Information

An overview on your company and your industry, a list of products and services to be covered – preferably in order of priority and focus as well as their key benefits, your competitors and their website URLs.

Project Aim

What are the objectives of the project? What do you aim to achieve with the services you are requesting, for example, increased sales or greater awareness? It would be helpful if these are specific and can be measured.

Strategic Direction

What is required from the agency? Provide more detail on the information provided in the overview.
For example:

Revamp of old site:
What do you want to achieve with the new look site?

Specific additional features to an existing site such as ecommerce:
What are any known parameters, restrictions?

Target Audience

Define who you want to reach with your website. Provide a profile of the audience where possible.


How will you measure the success of the project? Are there any Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can provide whether specific to the project or associated in some way?

Essential Information

Any branding guidelines, legal considerations, information that must be included such as terms and conditions?


What are the timing considerations or deadlines?


If you have a clear defined budget in mind, provide this here. Otherwise WME will provide a quotation based on the above criteria.