Copywriting Mistakes Explained

Yes, it’s yet another piece of writing going on about the importance of content. Instead of droning on about why ‘content is king’ and what you should be writing however, this will explain some of those common copywriting ‘sins’ that we should all avoid. Chances are we will all be guilty of at least one of these and will have to reconsider our content. A big no-no is constantly producing promotional content that offers nothing useful to its readers. There is nothing wrong with a little promoting, after all we are talking about web marketing, but too much can actually have the opposite effect to the one you want. It is also a mistake to create a lengthy piece of writing if it is not necessary. Readers have not come to your site to read a novel. A major mistake made by plenty of websites is big words and small text. Let me explain, by big words I mean those overly complicated words that you could not possibly use in conversation. Your aim is to keep the reader on your page for as long as possible, so why use words that they will have to leave your page and look up a definition? Small text is basically using small font, make it your page easy to read and you will find they will do just that. Think about your content from an outsider perspective. Consider what type of content is featured on the websites you visit and like. Make things simple, don’t write more than you have to or try and impress your readers with complicated words. Realise your mistakes and work to fix them.