Developing a Link Building Plan

As SEO is constantly transforming, the approaches we use to build links has dramatically changed. Link builders have been forced to step up and really reconsider their techniques to suit what search engines are now looking for. Link building campaigns are now more important than ever and they are taking into account the advantages of social media and content creation. So how can you best develop a link building plan that will give ideal results? Before developing any plan you first need to consider what your goal is. In this case it will obviously be to create a backlink profile for your website. Ranking for selected terms and utilising varied anchor text will also be on the top of your list of goals. It is now your job to realise the steps you need to take in order to achieve this. Research is the first step you take to realise what is going to be necessary in order to achieve optimal results. This means having a look at your competitor’s backlink profile and those who are out ranking you for specific terms. You may also want to go through the links you currently have to see if this standard is acceptable. Once you determine what areas need work and where you place among your competitors, it’s time to start thinking of new ways to generate inbound links. Go beyond the cliché promotions and think of ways that are going to grab attention and persuade others to share. Giveaways and sales are often successful. The result of link building is determined by how you approach it, come up with a solid plan in order for your team to be focussed toward the same goal.