Digital Marketing in Canberra VS Direct Mail Marketing

Direct marketing was the best way for a company to get the word out about their company to the public and mass media a decade ago. They used circulars, flyers, billboards, and advertising in newspapers to get their message across to the public. Today, the majority of people in Canberra are getting all their facts, news, and information on the Internet. Digital Marketing reaches out to this crowd.

Interesting Ways to Use Digital Marketing in Canberra

There are literally hundreds of fresh and inviting ways to use digital marketing in Canberra to reach out to new customers. It might include using social media or setting up a blog that is regularly updated with new information on a company or product.

Breaking Rules with Digital Marketing in Canberra

One question that arises frequently is the question concerning marketing rules. People seem to get the idea that digital marketing breaks all the marketing and advertising rules set forth for hundreds of years. This is certainly not true. Digital advertising still uses the basics that engage the consumer and call for action. The difference is that the digital approach only has a split second to engage the customer’s attention.