The race to be the best in discovery marketing

We have all seen the drastic shift technology has brought into our lives. Our parents have seen when sending an email was something that was almost a dream. Now-a-days, even 10 year olds know what an email is and how to send one! Thus, the dreams of the past are menial jobs of the present and so is it with technology. Thus, the leading firms like Google and Apple have taken upon their shoulders the responsibility of treading the paths that have not been discovered by any predecessors. There were times when we had to go through a thousand books to find the data we were looking for. Now, all of us have loads of data that is available to us when we want to search for a single topic. All we need to do is just type in the keyword and run a search for it and we can easily find all the possible contexts it has been used at. But even this is now going to be a thing of the past. The reason for this is that is evident in the latest technologies being developed. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is on great example and so is Google’s search program, Google Now. These developments are not only going to affect the other technologies, they will also have a great impact on Search Engine Optimization techniques. This discovery marketing is a competitive field and both the giants are working towards being the leaders of this field. Apple’s discovery Siri does not require its users to enter keywords to search for information, the users just have to verbally put up their question and the required information is provided to them by Siri. Google Now on the other hand, does not require users to tell it what they want, it anticipates the need itself. This makes both these technologies seem poles apart, but in actual they have a lot in common. The similarity is that their founders, apples and Google want their users to be totally involved in the platform they have developed in way that they have no need for any other platform. They want their products to be so equipped that the users love them for every task and not just because of one good function. This is so because in the latter case, the user tends to switch to another tool for the rest of the features. Thus, both these technology giants are striving to become a one-stop shop that meets all the needs of the consumer. This actually implies that they want to develop their products to the extent that the users become intensely involved in them. According to reports, Apple is already working in this direction by allying with FourSquare for a data sharing deal in order to integrate one’s data from FourSquare with the mapping application of apple. This will actually take Apple’s Siri to an all new level because the users will be able to plan their night outs without having to leave at all.