Survival techniques for eCommerce websites

In the present times it is very difficult to find ways to make eCommerce work. The reason could be the increasing competition amongst the various giants: Google wishes to be the only Web affiliate and Amazon controls a huge portion of the market shares which makes it impossible to view it as an alternative. Removing commercial sites to replace them with ads promoting them is very common with search engines now-a-days. Also, people used to fear a lot while making online purchases a few years back but have now gotten comfortable in those shoes. This is why there are infinite online purchases every single day. So, there is still a chance for eCommerce websites to adapt to present needs by adopting some strategies in order to stay in the race. Let us look at some of these strategies that can help make your SEO up to date: 1. Improve on what you can Before making any changes to your SEO, you must make changes in your website. If your site is not good enough and has no modern features, you will not be able to keep clients and that will create a bad name. So, you should pay attention to a number of factors: a) Make your site attractive b) There should be some interactive elements to help give your website a dynamic look. c) Participation of the visitors is key to customer satisfaction. You must make sure that your website has the facility of people leaving reviews. You can also create incentives for users in order to make them get more involved. For this purpose you could award points or badges. d) Try to keep the website loading time as low as you can because nobody waits for your site to load. They just choose an alternate site. e) Remove any kind of obligation like filling up a form or completing a survey as that will cause visitors to just opt for another website. 2. Panda Updates like panda treat the whole Web as videos, blogs and other entertainment oriented content. It is thus meant to strike the websites that don’t exactly do problem solving but focus on the advertisement aspect. It is due to these reasons that eCommerce websites are quite vulnerable to Panda and other such updates. Ecommerce websites are commercial in nature and thus they can easily be misunderstood as thin affiliate sites. This can be the cause of an ecommerce website losing its search impressions. In order to avoid this fate, there are certain techniques that an eCommerce site can adopt: a) Do not make use of templates (either provided by the manufacturer or by in house) as product descriptions. b) Unique content of each product is essential and the one generated by users can be of great help here. c) If you feel that it is not possible for you to create new content for every product, then you need to make sure that you have different content for the category pages of your website, at the least.