The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Reach your audience where they spend most of their free time
  • Take users from Facebook to your website
  • Cheaper than Google: Great if you have a smaller spending budget

Why You Should Choose Us

WME’s advertising specialists have over twenty years of combined online marketing experience WME’s advertising specialists work tirelessly to reduce your ad spend and improve your reach
Dedicated Campaign Manager: you’ll be allocated a dedicated campaign manager to provide regular updates and in-depth monthly reporting

Our Strategic Approach

Find your customers via their location(Focus on all of Australia or just a specific city) Refine your target demographic by age, sex or their interests. You can even focus on people who have ‘liked’ your competitor’s pages. Target specific devices i.e. computer, iPhone, iPad Utilise different ways to attract your audience – eye-catching headlines, exciting images and promoted posts.

What You Can Expect…

  • Increase in traffic that converts to customers and sales
  • Close tracking and reporting to ensure click-spend is working efficiently and targeting your exact demographic
  • No set up fees & no hidden costs

Why Are You Waiting? Your Customers Won’t!

Don’t wait to get started on your Facebook advertising campaign. Call 1300 663 995 to discuss your options with one of our friendly digital strategists.