Gain the Upper Hand with Competitor Analysis

Developing a successful strategy that will allow you to surpass your competitors can be a tough challenge. Gaining an upper hand in SEO relies heavily on competitor analysis. Without first realising what you are up against and what other sites are doing, you cannot analyse and change your own campaigns to enable optimum results. Here are some fast (and free) tools to help you analyse your competitors. Before anything else you first need to realise who your competitors actually are. Sometimes this might not be as obvious as you think as your competitors can vary depending on keywords. Keyword Spy is a great tool to use; by simply putting in your keyword you can get a list of the organic competitors. SEO Tools for Excel is also great as it allows for a quick comparison. This add-on looks at various elements to determine what competitors are doing that set them apart from the rest. URLs for sites can be pulled in and then compared in factors such as titles and links. While all the features would be too much to mention, it is a good idea to have a play around with it and see what you come up with.