Getting the Best SEO Quotes for your Company

Why do I need an SEO Quote?

The first thing you should do when you go looking for SEO services is to get quotes from multiple sources. By creating a “bidding war” of sorts, you can get lower prices than you could have ever imagined getting by simply buying services for pre-defined prices set by the SEO companies. Getting an SEO Quote isn’t always easy though, and there’s a very specific process that you need to go through to get these quotes from major organisations.

So How Exactly do I go about getting an SEO Quote?

The best way to get an SEO quote directly from an organisation is to simply contact them in a professional manner. This may seem like a simple tip, but its important. Write the letter to them as if you are an important person, and they will think you are important. If you can carry yourself as someone that is very appealing from them to procure as a client, they are far more likely to give you a direct SEO quote, instead of simply giving you a boilerplate response.