Want To Grow Your Business? Figure Out SEO

Are you a local business struggling to get more people to notice your brand? Have you recently launched a new website for your business, thinking it would bring in hundreds of customers, only to get zero results from it? If this situation describes you, then you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, are struggling to bring traffic to their site. The Internet literally has millions of websites, and the competition is nothing less than fierce. In order to compete, you’re going to need to know SEO, and understand Google Algorithm. If you’ve never heard of either Google Algorithm or SEO, you’re about to get a very brief introduction of both.

Getting To Know SEO

You can go on for days talking about this subject alone. What is it? It is short for search engine optimisation, or search engine optimizer. The formal name sounds complicated but the idea is simple enough. It’s basically a number of strategies and techniques used to draw more attention to your site. You draw this attention by increasing the ranking of your site on the search results page, on search engines like Google. The higher your position is on the list of web pages, the more visitors you are likely to get.

The Google Algorithm

The Internet is a place with a vast amount of data floating around. There are billions of webpages available for those surfing the web. If you’re looking for something in this mess, how on earth are you suppose to find it? The Google Algorithm was designed specifically for this type of chaos. It is is made up of hundreds of millions of variables, and billions of terms. The algorithm allows the search engine to comb through each and every available web page on the Internet, to narrow your search within seconds. The results that are displayed are based on content and relevance to the query you’re searching. The more relevant and useful your site is, the higher the Google Algorithm will place it on the results page. You need to focus on everything from the terms used, to how often content is added to the site. Ideally, you’d want to have the links to your site, be the first one listed on the page. Realistically, however, your goal should be to have your site listed on page 1 on search results.