Why Should I Use the Google Disavow Tool?

If you are someone who thinks seriously about search engine optimisation, you already known that not all traffic is good traffic. Have you ever looked at the traffic flow to your website and realized that you did not like where the traffic was coming from? If so, you have been the victim of one of the more unscrupulous traffic tricks out there. There are plenty of spam sites that will list legitimate sites on their page, and the association over time will start to affect your own page’s reputation and metrics. When you are looking at how to rectify the issue, you’ll find that the Google Disavow tool can play an important part. This tool was rolled out around in 2012, and it is designed to help people deal with unnatural links. Unnatural links may result from other sites referencing your own, or they may even result from previous unwise attempts at search engine optimisation, when your link may have been spammed to other places. This lowers your own rating, and the Google Disavow tool tells you how to get them off. The first thing to remember is that on the whole, the Google Disavow tool is something that is specifically intended to help people who are seeing problems with their site due to the presence of their links on the Internet. If you are not seeing a problem, it is likely in your best interests to simply proceed as you have. On the other hand, if you would like to clean up your site’s links and affiliates, make sure that you send the request through the Google Disavow tool page. This takes a matter of seconds, and it can help you on the road to getting the online reputation that you need. If you are someone who is thinking about using the Google Disavow tool, make sure that you take a moment to consider what you need to have done. Remember that it can take multiple weeks for the problem to be resolved, but that patience will win out. Essentially, this tool is intended to help you avoid harm, not to build up your reputation. Google stresses the importance of using this tool correctly, as the search engine itself will be applying metrics to ensure that the links slated for removal are appropriate. This is something that should be done to prevent and end harm. Take a moment to consider your own search engine optimisation and what you can do to improve your current standing from where it is.