Google Enhanced Campaigns

Information has been launched recently on the new enhanced campaigns by Google. It has been said that by June all campaigns will need to be converted or they will do it for you. With this information it is important to have a close look at all of the features and changes the new enhanced campaign brings and start planning ahead. The main aim of the new features, besides giving users relevant and quality information, is to reach an audience across all devices based on their location and time of day. This means we will no longer need to create different campaigns for each device as the one can cater to all device types. This will be beneficial for mobile campaigns which are expected to surpass computer traffic. Benefits to mobile searches are strengthened as you will not only be able to target your audience using the same campaign but you will also be able to change your bid depending on how close they are to your location. Through our experience with algorithm changes and penalties that came as a result, it is obvious that working with Google rather than against them is what will benefit you in the long run. Informing yourself on all the features and changes in enhanced campaigns and what it means for SEOs is crucial in order to stay ahead of the game.