Reach Interested Customers via Remarketing

It is a well-known fact that when people are repeatedly exposed to a certain ad, its message stays with them. When it comes to online advertising it’s no different, which is why many businesses choose to utilise a remarketing strategy.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the process of identifying internet users who have visited your site previously, and then showing them your ads as they browse through sites that are part of the Google Display Network. For example, someone may visit your online fashion site, and place a couple of dresses in your online shopping cart – only to decide they’ll save their cash. Remarketing works to place ads for these dresses on other sites they may be browsing, reminding them about the products they were going to buy. This reminder encourages them to return to your site, with the result being they reconsider and make a purchase. In short, it is a highly effective way to match the right people with the right message. Effective YouTube ads have the ability to generate shares, new channel subscriptions, and also provide you with the means to communicate with your customers.

How it can benefit your business

Remarketing is a very effective way to ensure you stay engaged with those who have shown an interest in your business. By presenting your target audience with relevant advertisements on a regular basis, your products and services are sure to be at the forefront of their mind when the time comes for them to make a purchase. This marketing strategy also allows you to effectively upsell or cross sell products to clients who have made similar purchases in the past.
Remarketing gives you the power to reach individuals multiple times a months, a week or even a day. It can be combined with other targeting methods, allowing you to a reach a very specific audience for a fantastic conversion rate and ROI.
If you would like to implement an effective remarketing strategy, Web Marketing Experts can assist. For more information, contact our Digital Performance Media Team today!