Promote Your Products Online with Google Shopping

Designed for online retail businesses, Google Shopping is a great way to better connect with customers and promote your products online.

The benefits of Google Shopping

Google Shopping is simply another way of promoting your business on Google. In Google’s standard search, your products will appear alongside your website’s search result listing, allowing potential customers to preview your products before visiting your site. Your products can also be added to the specific Google Shopping search function, meaning they’ll be included in the results when potential customers are looking to purchase a specific product. Product ads allow you to include information such as a title, price, promotional message and your business name, as well as an image.

Why choose us

At Web Marketing Experts, we can deliver a retail-centric campaign that delivers amazing results. We provide our clients with advanced reporting, as we are able to gather performance data by product attribute and individual products. This allows us to monitor how your campaign is progressing, ensuring you receive the best possible results. If you would like to find out more about how a Google Shopping campaign can benefit your business, be sure to contact our Performance Media Team today on 1300 663 995.