Google Then and Now

Google then and now14 short years after the Google website was officially registered, a lot has happened to the internet as we know it. If it were human, Google would have been a teenager today. It also means the high school kid nowadays have had Google present all their lives. It is astoundingly unimaginable to many of us for the search engine not to exist. To date, I still remember Google co-founder Larry Page saying, “I’d like to build a service where the priority is on giving users great results.” And true to form, with all the latest Google updates, online researches are provided by the premier search engine the finest and most relevant results ever. A year after it was officially registered, Google has indexed a total of 25 million web links. Today, the engine indexes millions of websites each day. Brin and Page are now worth twice the value of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg combined and the website is valued at a whopping $170 billion. What has probably catapulted Google to where it is right now is the simplicity in its interface, something that genuinely focused on the exploration and discovery experience. This focus has given Google the edge over other search engines because it drives nor accurate results at breakneck speed. In fact, this prompt and precise delivery of information has characterized the online search marketing industry of today. The remarkable thing about the way Google progressed is that its ascend is the by-product of the times. its movements and adjustments are based on the character of the people it serves, yet its ultimate goal is still the website’s foremost objective: “…to build a service where the priority is on giving users great results.” With Google Panda and Penguin fully implemented, Google has brought back transparency and clarity in content to the worldwide web. Today, SEO is no more about numbers. It has gone full circle to quality, quality, quality. As of late, there have been massive changes on the Google algorithms, changes that have recently sent shivers all throughout the search engine optimization arena. Strategies that were once overlooked and even erringly awarded with high ranks on the SERPs have now been penalized for over optimization. Google’ s short history has shown that it is not the first time the search engine has exerted efforts in cutting through content farms and spammers to provide people with awesome and useful content and publish them on the top of the results list. The adjustments have made Googlebots smarter and its relevance search better, rewarding those who strive hard to create relevant content and reprimanding those who abuse it. Here are other inputs that Google has made:
  • More enhanced dictionary search feature which provides support for natural language searches.
  • For race fanatics, Google is now featuring live race results of IndyCar, MotoGP, and NASCAR. This is on top of the Formula1 race results which are already available.
  • Google now has a more sensitive natural language recognition. This means that the engine can now better respond to inquiries such as, “What time is it in China?” The same is true if you have questions on currencies for different countries and other natural language-based queries.