The internet and social media has become a primary platform for government agencies wishing to offer transparency to their constituents. The digital space is viewed as a trustworthy and timely source of official information.

Web Marketing Experts can offer tailored SEO solutions to ensure that traffic is directed to the most current and official resource. By ensuring that your agency remains highly visible in search results, government sites will be easily reachable by citizens seeking answers.

Web Marketing Experts understand the way that individuals use major search engines. We know that one in five Google searches include a location specific keyword. With that in account, there is a high likelihood that citizens searching for official information regarding their local government will include the name of their city council in their search. We are able to optimise your page so that you are a top search result when citizens are seeking up to date information regarding their council.

Web Marketing Experts are a trusted and proven provider of SEO services. We have a wealth of experience and have optimised sites for thousands of companies, including NPO’s. We don’t just accommodate to big businesses. We’re capable of driving visibility, credibility and awareness for government agencies of all sizes. We focus on offering customisable, comprehensive campaigns that are suited to the goals of your agency.

We have access to a range of tools that allow us to effectively analyse your site and determine what is hindering your success on major search engines. Web Master Tool, a program designed by Google, is utilised to elicit an understanding of how your site appears to Google. This gives us a strong indication of how search-engine friendly it is.

Once we have analysed your site, we then set about conducting keyword research. During this process, we determine which key search terms are commonly used by those who are looking for the information you have on offer. We devise a list of high traffic, relevant keywords, and then work with you to select the ones you would prefer to target.

Once we have decided upon keywords, it’s then possible to begin optimising your site. We carry out both onsite work and offsite work, ensuring your site is read accurately and favourably by search engine bots – whilst still providing site visitors with relevant information.

If you would like to find out how Web Marketing Experts can ensure your site stands out amongst hundreds of other agency sites within the local, state and federal government network, please contact us today.