How SEO and Google Can Work Together

So, if you’re anything like me, you have a vague idea that SEO marketing and Google have something to do with each other. Google is obviously a major factor in Search Engine Optimizing because it is a search engine. But what exactly does Google do in SEO, what are some of the various aspects and programs of such a huge company, and how are they changing? Well, one of the major changes to Google is the fact that it keeps updating its available programs. For example we started with Google, then Google +, then Google +Local and now Google Now. It is ever changing to make sure that not only it is efficient but also that it is personally more efficient for you. For example, have you noticed that when you are starting a search on Google that it is predicting what you are searching for and giving you options as to various searches you might use. It’s able to do this by calculating in certain factors. For example your location, Gmail, Google calendar and of course your previous search topics. While this can mean great things for business owners looking into SEO marketing Options, it also means that a more strategic and thoughtful approach may need to be taken when considering your web site construction, and your approach to your Search Engine rating results. Another major part of this Google phenomenon is Google’s foray into mobile phone programs. With browsers now able to search from anywhere in the world practically, there is great chance for companies to use this to their advantage. An example of this can be explained using Google search and Google Maps. If per se there was a person looking for a café nearby, he may use Google to search for a cafe and then Google maps to find its location. If your business isn’t listed on Google, you may lose the opportunity for customers. And while this may not be devastating for your business, why would you miss out on the chance for more traffic to your business when it is so readily available? It can be quite confusing considering the different aspect of using Google as an SEO option, because there as so many ways you could take your business, which is why each option needs to be thoughtfully considered. But with Google being such a mega star in SEO, it’s well worth it.