How To Do Keyword Research

Being able to draw traffic to your website or blog is very important if you want to be seen or make money online. Since most of those who visit a website get there through the search engines, it is absolutely essential that you perform keyword research and get SEO done for webpages. Keyword research needs to start by using the free Google Adwords tool. By entering a basic word, it will show you many keywords that are associated with the word you entered. It also shows you how many people searched for something using a particular phrase, in the US and internationally. The amount of competition a keyword phrase has is also revealed as having High, Medium or Low levels of competitors. Using this tool will show you what keyword phrases are related to a specific topic. Several of these keywords will then need to be put into the keyword entry box of the Google tool. By using different combinations, you will be able to see even more keyword phrases. For best results, you can organize your keyword research by putting your keyword phrases into a spreadsheet. This will enable you to move them around and order them by usage or type. You will also be able to make notes, record what web pages they are on, the date you started using it, traffic from it, etc. Once the keywords are known, they will need to be sorted out according to relevance. Many keyword phrases will not be used by those looking to buy, and these will need to be separated from the rest. If you are just starting your webpage, you will not want to start with keywords that have a lot of competition. It will be very difficult to use these keywords and get much traffic from them. Instead, you should use the long-tail keywords – the keyword phrases. Another important tool for keyword research is Google Trends. This valuable tool will show you whether or not there is an increase or decrease by month in the usage of a particular keyword phrase or with some related keyword phrases. It will also enable you to see geographic regions where one term or another is being used more heavily. This is tremendous for SEO purposes, and it will help you determine which keywords to focus on when trying to get local traffic or traffic from a particular region.