How to Find the Right SEO Keywords for Your Website

Finding the right SEO keywords for your website can seem to be a daunting task at first, but actually happens to be quite simple. You must first choose long tail and short tail search engine optimized keywords. Short tail SEO keywords contain anywhere from 2-3 words, and a long tail keyword consists of a phrase between 4-8 words.

Google Adwords

To search for SEO keywords, you first should visit Google Adwords, which is a service provided for free by Google. When you arrive to the Adwords website, you should first start by typing in words that are relevant to your website/niche, and scan through the suggested keywords that are provided by the program. If your niche is filled with competitors, you can even view the specific SEO keywords that are being used for their website as well to get a few ideas of your own.

Choosing Your Keyword

The only SEO keywords that will be beneficial must be low competition words. You will see a meter next to each keyword that determines the competition. If the meter is almost full, you should continue searching, but if the meter is low, it means that very few websites are using the chosen keyword. You should also determine how many weekly/monthly local and global searches that the word is bringing in. Remember a keyword with low competition and with a high search rate is the perfect keyword for your website. If you follow these simple steps, then your SEO strategy will pan out well for your website or articles.