Improve Your WordPress Site

It is no secret that WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems and blogging platforms used by business owners and writers today. Regardless of your chosen topic or overall goals for your site, it is important to ensure you are doing everything you can to optimise your SEO while improving the user experience. Whether you have just started or considering getting your own site, remembering a few simple tips will ensure you get the best results for your efforts. The first thing you can do is remove your ‘hello world’ and sample page. These are useful in the beginning to test your layout but once you know what you want and your page has gone live, these pages are no longer needed. It is also a good idea to remove your ‘uncategorised’ category, chances are most of your posts will fit into a clear and relevant categories so it is better to label them as such. Once you have everything up and running why not take advantage of Google Analytics? It is free and allows you track your site to stay on top of any arising problems and to recognise your successes.