Inbound marketing strategies that work for apps

The world is moving and that has given new significance to the word mobile. If you look at the stats, you will realize that there are well over 1 billion smart phone users in the world. They have more than 75000 apps in the app store and they have already exceeded over 40 billion downloads. It means that there is a huge market out there for apps. It opens a new window of the opportunity for all the app developers. It will allow them to reach their targeted audiences and open a new world for inbound marketers. While inbound marketing is an everyday reality on the World Wide Web, it is still in its infancy in the field of mobile apps. However, kind of connection that you can make through mobile marketing is almost unprecedented. Here are some of the ways that can help you in making the maximum use of the marketing potential of your apps. No modern marketing strategy can work without making an effective use of social media. Everyone has heard that social media is the key to reaching your targeted audience, but not many people have been able to make full use of its potential. Everyone makes use of twitter, Facebook and other social media website. It is a great way of sharing what is on your mind and it is absolutely dream come true for inbound marketing. An experiment conducted by Nike resulted in an overwhelming response from their audience. Not many companies that can match Nike in scale, but it still is a very important result for the inbound marketing. You can also make use of Facebook as results show that such apps, which connect to your Facebook through your mobile are particularly useful. Another thing that you can do is to share your story with your audience. What usually happens is that when you submit your app they write a short description for it. They usually do not cover all the merits of your app. In fact, many developers have complained that they ignored the best parts. To avoid the same fate you should write your own story and share all the relevant details about your apps like what it does, why it is better than other similar apps and what advantage does the user will get from using this app. Another great way to market your app is to have your clients talk about them. It is going to help you at multiple levels. It is extremely gratifying to know that all of your sweat and blood is receiving appreciation from the people who are using it. Furthermore, research has shown that consumers tend to believe the opinion of people they trust more. That is why app store has the system of feedback and reviews. Problem is that only a very tiny percentage of people actually write reviews. To make them write reviews for you the best way is to have a feedback system built in to your app for the convenience of your consumer.