Bathurst and Internet Marketing

Merchants in Bathurst can grow their businesses faster with the use of internet marketing methods. Reach your potential customers with direct contact to engage them in your business. Announce sales, coupon availability and other events through email notifications. Educate your customers about your product through video marketing. Grow your business’s visibility through banner ads and pay per click advertising.

Bathurst Employing Email Marketing as a Perferred Form of Internet Marketing

When customers shop at your store, collect their email addresses by simply asking if they would like to be informed of upcoming sales. Many people will volunteer their information eagerly. Others need a financial incentive. Offer an entry in a weekly drawing if they leave their email address. When sales are pending, send out notices to your email list, which should be growing larger by the day.

Internet Marketing and Video Marketing

Bathurst merchants who produce a video educating customers about the services they provide or the products they sell will notice that more customers feel like they can ask questions. When those questions are answered, they feel more comfortable buying. Video is really effective when it’s employed as an internet marketing tool, because informed customers are always the best customers. They know what they’re buying before they pick it up and usually this knowledge reduces returns and refunds.

Bathurst and Internet Marketing

As a Bathurst merchant you are aware of very successful merchants in your community. Establishing a presence on a successful website with a banner ad or pay per click ads will result in more traffic to your website, especially if it’s a related product sold by the successful website. A good example is a banner ad for lumber on a do-it-yourself furniture building website.