Keywords That Suit Your User’s Intent

Every SEO will know the value of choosing the right keywords for a campaign, being able to find those perfect words however seems to be easier said than done. If you are new to the game, the task will seem even more impossible and often it will result in words being chosen that do not offer the highest conversion potential. So what should you be doing to find the right terms? The answer is by finding the terms that are going to match your user’s intent. What are you offering that people are going to need? Furthermore, what sort of phrases would you be using if you were searching for a similar service, product or idea? This is your first step in finding those golden keywords that are going to lead to success. Once you have a list, look in a thesaurus to see if there are word options that you have not considered. You can also use a keyword tool to find even more options that you may have missed. You want to choose the ones that include words that link in to the user’s intent to shop such as buy, hire, cheap etc or ones that solve the user’s problems such as get rid of, treat, stop and so forth. When you feel you have found the perfect list add them to your account and see how they go.