Link Building Reminders

With link building being such a crucial element in SEO we could assume by now that we are all doing it right. Of course this is not the case as we just have to look at algorithm updates to realise that some of us out there are still getting it wrong. Here are few things to keep in mind when it comes to link building. A major one is to stop outsourcing your link building to other countries. Most of the time this results in bad links being built that does not use proper sentences. By doing link building in house you have a much better chance of making sure that what you are sending out is of a high standard. This is growing more and more important when you take Penguin into consideration. When you are contacting someone about a possible link, know who you are contacting. If you cannot find their information this may not be a site you want to be attached to in the first place. If you are not personally addressing another webmaster, chances are they won’t take you seriously. Do your research and take the opportunity to meet face to face or speak over the phone.