LinkedIn Marketing: Reach a Professional Audience

LinkedIn is the number one portal for professionals here in Australia, and it therefore provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a very specific, captive audience. LinkedIn allows you to select your target audience by their location, role/function and industry – ensuring you capture the attention of those who are likely to be interested in your business.

Make the most of LinkedIn

At Web Marketing Experts, we can help you make the most of LinkedIn. Our performance media team have extensive experience in the online marketing industry, and therefore understand how best to approach social media marketing – including advertising on LinkedIn. When you enlist our help, we work hard to make sure you reach your target audience at a time when they are likely to visit your site and take a look at what you have to offer – i.e. when they are spending their free time on social media. We also assign each and every client a dedicated campaign manager who will take care of your social media campaign from start to finish, providing you with regular updates and a consistent point of contact.
How does it work? LinkedIn advertising is relatively simple. We’ll target your professional audience via geographic location (whether you want to target a particular city, or run a nationwide campaign), and then refine this audience by gender, age, job title, industry and also their level of seniority. Our advertisements use a combination of eye catching images, text and videos.
What are the results? Professionally managed LinkedIn marketing offers a number of benefits to businesses. You can expect an increase in website traffic, as potential customers are directed from LinkedIn to your site. Since we take the time to ensure we target the right audience for your business, you can also expect a better conversion rate – resulting in more leads and sales.
For many businesses, LinkedIn marketing is more cost effective than pay per click services such as Google AdWords. Here at WME, there are no set-up fees or hidden costs – just a great service that delivers tangible results. At $395 + GST per month + LinkedIn spend, we’ll take care of your campaign and ensure you’re marketing spend is being used effectively. For more information, contact our performance Media Team today on 1300 663 995 .