Long-Tailed Keywords Are Making A Comeback

Six long years after their appearance in SEO, long-tailed keywords are making a comeback. With the rise of competition for core keywords, this is certainly a welcome return. These less popular keywords offer its users many benefits and could improve rankings with much less effort due to their lower search volume and competition. Searching has changed dramatically over the years and we are seeing a switch from short keyword entry to searches that resemble a human conversation. With tools like the iPhone’s Siri, users are voicing their questions using more natural language. This shift has opened a path for long-tailed keywords which will strive as time goes on. This will not only ensure that searchers will get the most relevant information but it also allows us to understand what our audience is after. With longer keywords it is easier to pinpoint our users intention and therefore easier for us to accommodate for it. The old system of using only core keywords is less revealing; it gives less of an indication of what the user wants and gives our page a lower chance of ranking. The return of long-tailed keywords will only benefit us by giving us a higher opportunity to rank in that top position. Instead struggling to hit that top position for a highly competitive core keyword, we can we can rank on page 1 for numerous long-tail keywords. The change in searches and the rise of conversational keyword entry will make long-tailed keywords our new best friend.