What happens when your marketing specialist Wollongong misses the mark?

This happens a lot: marketing campaigns missing the mark. But in order to get a campaign back on track, and to help your marketing specialist Wollongong as best you can, you’ve got to re-examine the elemental pieces of what the campaign is all about.


Your marketing specialist Wollongong will likely define a market as the total base of your customers, including people that “might be” customers, and everybody that might affect buying decisions of your customers. And though that marketing specialist Wollongong would be generally correct, he or she wouldn’t be completely right. The market also includes inanimate things and events that have nothing to do with people, such as natural occurrences and events (the changing of seasons for instance). Your marketing specialist Wollongong must include this in the market, because ultimately, these are things that affect whether or not your business produces sales or not.