Mobile Devices and SEO

There is one area of SEO and marketing that has grown so quickly, it has become a mega star of online marketing all of its own, the wonderful and portable world of mobile phones and tablets. Where once people would have had to find a desktop computer in order to browse the web they are now able to pull out tiny computers, which literally fit into their pocket, and search for information anywhere in the world. This opens a whole new avenue of business options, but what exactly are they? Your business may have a web site, but there is a new option when it comes to mobile devices. The app!! You can now design what is essentially a mini web site that is friendly for the mobile browser. With your business so readily at hand, what does this mean? It means that your company will be highly visible, seen by a wider audience. This can only be good, because the higher traffic to your app translates to customers. Not only will it be seen, but it will be seen literally the second they are looking for it. So if they for example are looking for a flower store, they know they have the app to your business which they like, and they know how to use it confidently, the chances of them buying your product are high. There is also the potential to create more traffic to your web site. If a browser is using your mobile app, there is usually a link in-built to take them directly to your web page, which means that they can see your business in full. If your app is well designed and presented then people will recommend it to their friends. This is publicity at its best. The benefits of have a mobile device app can be pretty good. But it is important to remember just as with any SEO technique, it needs to be designed thoughtfully, with architecture and navigation in mind. Navigation especially, as obviously the setup is different with different devices. An app for a mobile phone is going to be different from that of an app for an ipad or phone that uses android. So it is important to understand fully what you are trying to construct, and the best way to optimize your phone SEO. Using mobile device marketing is a great way to expand your business.