Must Have SEO Tools

SEO tools allow webmasters to move their website toward the top of the search engines. It is highly important to do site analysis when wanting to wipe out your online competition. At the same time, there are search engine optimisation techniques that need to be implemented into your website to see the results you are getting better. The only real way to understand if your search engine optimisation strategies are working is by using the correct SEO tools. Site analysis consists utilising some of the best SEO tools to help you analyse what strategies are working and what strategies are hindering your website.

Seomoz Toolbar – SEO Metrics

The great thing about SEOmoz Toolbar is that it allows you to access on page seo factors. This SEO tool gives webmasters the ability to analyse their ongoing search engine optimisation without the clutter. It allows for web surfing while looking at your SEO metrics at the same time. It also allows webmasters to create custom searches. With this SEO tool, there is also an SERP overlay that allows users to research link metrics on Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Open Site Explorer – Backlink Checker

Without search engine optimisation, websites don’t stand out when it comes to ranking high in the engines. This is something Open site explorer has based their SEO tool on. When it comes to testing the competition, open site explorer gives users a way. Through this SEO tool, can you investigate link authority, page authority, as well as linking root domains. All of these aspects of a website are highly important when it comes to the optimisation success. You can also find out how many Facebook shares, and tweets a website has gotten by the way of other links.

Screaming Frog – Analyse & Audit site

Screaming frog runs a bit differently than open site explorer and SEO toolbar. It is a PC based software that spiders links, images apps, CSS and websites. This organized tool offers a way to better analyse the onsite page elements which helps webmasters filter SEO issues. Analysing and auditing a website is extremely easy with screaming frog because it funnels all of the information needed to one centralised place. You can get summaries on redirects, external links, errors, duplicate pages, out links and more. This extensive SEO tool has been the choice of many webmasters due to its simplicity and reliability.

Copyscape – Check Duplicate Content

Copyscape is used by many and loved by most. This particular SEO took offers a way for webmasters to check for duplicate content. And since plagiarism can affect a website in a negative manner, Copyscape should be part of a web owner’s SEO tools. Whether you want to find out if someone is stealing your web content, or you want to check the validity of an article that was written by someone else. Copyscape gives the freedom of knowing how original your content is.