Must Read Resources for SEO

Although there is no secret trick that will make your page get top ranking over night, understand all of the elements of SEO and greatly increase your chance of success. For beginners, learning about SEO can be daunting with an overload of articles and opinions out there that can easily get you confused. Here are some things you must read when you are getting into the SEO game. When you want to find out the best ways to impress the major search engines like Google, why not go to the source and see what they have to say? The first resource that helps to give you an overall summary of SEO and how it works is the Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide. In this guide you find heaps of advice and tips on practices you should be utilising to help with the crawl and indexing of your content. Now that you have the basics down pat it is a good idea to inform yourself on what can happen if you do the wrong thing. Learn about the penalties that can occur and what triggers them. The Webmaster Guidelines are great for this as it gives you guidelines on design, content and quality to ensure you are putting your best website forward. While a list of useful resources could go on to make an entire textbook, getting to really know both of these resources mentioned is a great start.