Compete on a National Scale withNationwide SEO

Growing your business from a local success to a national phenomenon is an important decision and a big strategic move which takes a lot of time and resources. Going from being a big fish in a small pond to being just one of many in a national industry is a big step which requires targeted marketing efforts.

One of the most effective ways that you can get found by people across Australia is through online searches for the products or services that you offer.

A nationwide SEO campaign is the key to getting found online.

Get attention from all across the country 

Nationwide SEO is all about focusing optimisation efforts on search terms (key phrases) which are most likely to be entered by people in your target market. This means undertaking market research, including detailed keyword research, to determine the right foci for your campaign. There are a number of different ways we can reach your target market/s around Australia, including focusing on regions where your product/service is in high demand, or allocating exclusive resources to cover the entire country. Your dedicated account manager at WME will be able to explain the way your campaign is designed and how it will progress.

How we do it

There are a number of different steps to any nationwide SEO campaign, including but not limited to:

  • Fixing canonicalisation problems
  • Improving the site architecture
  • Optimising page titles, meta tags and other on-site elements
  • Editing and improving your web copy
  • Strategic link building from high quality sites
  • Campaign reviews based on regular reports

When you call one of our digital strategists for your free no-obligation quote, they’ll be able to explain the key stages of work.

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