Optimising Search Engine Rankings – SEO

The Purpose of SEO

One of the most imperative thing an online store or service can do to promote their name against all the countless other businesses providing the same product and services is to ensure that they are appearing higher in rank within search engine results. SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimisation,’ refers to how a website designer carefully presents the content on their site. The certain keywords trigger the search engine to deem the site as more-relevant than the next. This is often done using SEO keyword density technique.

The SEO Industry

Not only SEO businesses provide services to bring higher rankings for searches, they provide a sort of damage control as well. Whenever the client or website has been demoted, due to cheating SEO algorithms, it may be necessary to repair the damage that comes from being demoted by the actual search engine itself. This can cost even more than the fee that would be charged to get the content published on a specific site originally. Correcting bad optimization practices is an annual multi-billion dollar business that might not be very profitable if a site was optimised correctly at the first time.