Google’s Penguin 3.0 Is Here

Although Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times each year, occasionally a major adjustment is made that significantly impacts search engine results. Google has just announced the launch of their newest update, Penguin 3.0.
WME has been aware of the release of Penguin 3.0 for quite a while. Our research and strategy team have proactively employed tactics to protect our clients from the fallout. Sophisticated changes for existing clients were made before the release was even announced. We are on the front foot and are committed to minimising the impact these changes have on our clients. However, if you’re not an existing client and are worried about the affect Penguin 3.0 might have on your site, we would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We have the expertise and resources to ensure businesses recover from detrimental Google updates.

What is an algorithm update?

Each of Google’s major updates causes significant changes in website rankings. These adjustments are made to filter out sites that have cheated their way up the search engine results page (SERP). Google is continually looking for new ways to automatically identify these websites. Every big update Google rolls out signifies that they have employed a more efficient way to rank websites according to authority, legitimacy and relevancy to search terms.

Who will the update affect?

The update will target pages with poor quality back links and rank them accordingly. Google looks at a number of factors when assessing the quality of links that direct traffic to a site. Forum and social media spam are two non-credible sources that Google picked up on a while ago. Penguin 3.0 employs a more advanced approach to identifying unnatural or misleading links that will affect SERPs dramatically. Ultimately, a non-credible or ‘bad’ link is one that is not relevant in the context of its use.

How can I protect my site?

If Penguin 3.0 poses a threat to your website, or if you have noticed a drop in your SERP rankings, we encourage you to implement a strategic course of action immediately. Failing to do so is likely to have your site penalised permanently. WME can help you recover from Penguin 3.0 and ensure that you are safeguarded against future changes to the Google algorithm. Contact us for a comprehensive discussion of your options.