Penguin and Unnatural Link Penalties

While it may seem that SEO professionals know it all when it comes to penalties, even the best of us seem to get it wrong from time to time. In order to develop the best form of action, if you are one of the unlucky ones to receive a penalty, you need to understand which one you have received and why. The following is a basic comparison between Penguin and unnatural link penalties. While both Penguin and unnatural link penalties both deal with unnatural links and keywords as anchor text, they are quite different. The main difference between the two is that one is manual and one is algorithmic. An unnatural link penalty means a Google employee has taken the time to look at your site and decide on whether a penalty should be issued. Penguin however is algorithmic, requiring no human involvement. It is designed to find sites that are using unnatural link building tactics. Another difference is that Penguin doesn’t usually affect an entire site but rather its pages and keywords. An Unnatural link penalty can affect an entire site to the point where it can actually be removed from the Google index. Keeping these differences in mind is important when deciding what you will do after. For example, filing for reconsideration may be help for those with an unnatural links penalty but not for those affected by Penguin.