Penguin Wants Your Help

Google’s Penguin 2.0 was released on Wednesday the 22nd and already there has been a massive impact. Webmasters are scrambling trying to ensure their sites are clean in hopes to avoid a nasty penalty. While Penguin 2.0 is expected to have an even bigger impact than before, there are still sites that, while overly spammy, still seem to be ranking. This unfair advantage can now be prevented with your help as Google invites you to report these cases to them. With their new Penguin Spam Report form, you can now give information about a site that is using spam. By simply adding the site’s URL, the Google search result that shows the problem and any further information you can provide, you can assist Google in its efforts to present useful and relevant search results. It might be safe to say that for now at least, a lot of webmasters will be concerned about their own sites rather than searching for others who are doing the wrong thing. It may seem like a case of school yard ‘dobbing’ but in the internet world where competition is fierce, getting rid of those who are doing the wrong thing has the potential to benefit your own site.