Penguin’s War On Spam Links

We have received new insight into Google’s Penguin algorithm recently with a report released from Portent not too long ago. This internet marketing agency based in Seattle analysed link profiles of top websites to determine the effect of spam links. The report gives us the information that will affect many websites in the near future as they have discovered that Google is getting stricter as time goes by. It seems that Google has lowered their tolerance when it comes to websites with ‘unnatural’ or spammy links. While earlier it was penalising websites that had bad links of over 80%, Google is now attacking websites with bad links only adding up to 50% of their overall link total. With this discovery we can only prepare ourselves for a further drop and minimise our potential of being penalised as much as possible. It is important to realise that Penguin is not in itself a penalty. Rather, it is an algorithm change that recognises sites that uses unnatural link building strategies. This will sometimes lead to a penalty which results in a drop of rankings for a particular site. The best way to avoid this type of penalty is to ensure your site is clean.Recognise bad links and clean up your own site by removing or disavowing bad inbound links. Getting rid of these links that could potentially have a negative effect on your website is crucial as the possibility of a further drop in tolerance rises.