Possible Changes to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become a popular method of obtaining back links lately with its effectiveness in keyword rankings when implemented correctly. It is possible however that updates will soon change the way guest posts are valued. With algorithms turning the world of SEO upside down, we can no longer assume that the way things are will stay the same. It may be possible that guest posts will become the next target of Google and the way in which we build links will have to change. As Google perfects search results step by step it is possible that it will start looking more closely at content, authority and links in guest posts. Their preference of staying natural will still apply and those who go after quick links to irrelevant sites could be penalised. The old way of writing content with keyword rich text will be thrown out the window and bio links will have less impact. As author rank is slowly becoming more important, it could also be likely that authors themselves will be devalued rather than just pages and links. While these things haven’t happened yet, they are not wild ideas that seem unlikely. Creating relevant, engaging and informative guest posts is key, not only to receive great results now but to continue to do so in future.