Quick Things You Can Do To Improve Your Online Presence

So you may not be the biggest web professional and may not even have the funds to invest in a great SEO campaign. This doesn’t mean all hope is lost, there are plenty of things you can be doing to improve your online presence. Here are some quick jobs you should put on your to do list this week. One of the main things to start doing is taking advantage of Google authorship. Google+ is a great tool that helps your rankings and credibility as a whole. Attach everything you write to your brand to build exposure. You can also add a +1 button to your pages. Another button that may be useful is from Pinterest. This is becoming really popular and is a quick way for users to share your information to a mass of people. Giving a quick and easy way to share will persuade your customers to take advantage of it. Don’t forget you should be using these social outlets yourself; start sharing, commenting and connecting to users. Don’t use lack of knowledge or funds as an excuse to leave your website to chance and just see where it goes. Do your research and look for a whole array of free tools that are available. If you put the work in, you are bound to start seeing some positive results.