Got de-indexed? Here’s what you need to do to recover!

recover from Google de-indexNo matter what lead you into getting de-indexed, be it an expired domain, a crashed server or any getting penalized for looking over the webmaster quality guidelines set by Google, having a de-indexed website is a major concern. At times like these, a majority of webmasters continue to wonder what they need to do so as to recover from the loss. The good news is that depending on the size of your website, you can easily recover in just about a week’s time! Here’s what you need to do: To begin with, considering that your website has been de-indexed for violating the webmaster quality guidelines set by Google, it is necessary for you to immediately resolve those issues and set your website back in compliance with the Google guidelines before anything else. However, if it got de-indexed because of server issues, you must resolve the issues completely before trying to get your traffic back. Once the major issues have been worked on, you can start resubmitting sitemaps, enhance your crawl rate and access the “fetch as GoogleBot” tool from the Google Webmaster Tools and use it. This is basically meant to tell Google that you have restored your website and it can be crawled. Once Google begins re-crawling your website, you need to move on towards the usage of social media platforms so that you can get your traffic back till the time that your organic traffic flow is restored. Another really good thing that you can do is set up G+ authorship all through the website and start sharing your posts and pages. What this would do is bring in new audiences and also make it easier for Google to rediscover your content. Social media shares are also going to prompt search engines so as to consider the content that you have posted and see whether it has been indexed as yet or not. A very important thing for you to do is read through every bit of content on your website and assure yourself that everything has been optimized. Any title tags and Meta descriptions that you have must be tweaked up. You also need to ascertain that the architecture of your website is easy enough to be crawled through rather efficiently. It is necessary for you to publish fresh content on a regular basis so that you can grab the attention of the GoogleBot. An aggressive link builsing campaign for your top pages is also going to do wonders in terms of building authority and it would also make it easier for Google to rediscover your website quickly and give more value to its content. Just in case you have not done so as of yet, you could start off by applying microdata over your site so that your search listings appear to be far more enticing to viewers. The fact of the matter is that getting de-indexed does not equal death for your website. All you need to do is make use of the abovementioned strategies and you are bound to revitalize your website.