Recovering From an Unnatural Link Penalty

There have been a few posts on overcoming the dreaded unnatural link penalty and what it means for web masters. However, there still seems to be a confusion on what is acceptable and what should be avoided when cleaning up your site and applying for reconsideration with Google. Here are a few quick tips to help you along the way. Firstly, it is important to understand that you do not need to worry about unnatural link penalties unless you actually receive one from Google. Often people will get paranoid and think their site has been penalised because of links. If this is in fact the case, and you had your Webmaster Tools set up at the time, you will receive a message from Google. This is not a warning that should not go unheeded, unnatural links must be found and removed. Even Google understands that not all of these links may be able to be removed, it is important though to at least show you are making a solid effort to clean up your site. Do not rely purely on the Disavow Tool; this should be your last resort. There is also a common misconception that once you clean up your site and file for reconsideration that you should refrain from building links during recovery time. Show Google your new and improved method to SEO by building quality links. Even if you are unsuccessful with your reconsideration request, these quality links are going to help you in the long run.