Remove Unnecessary Content From Your Website

Visit any SEO blogging website and you will be bombarded with articles saying why content is crucial for an SEO campaign. This has forced us all to start thinking of catchy content for all of our pages or hiring professional writers to do it for us. Before we dive into content writing though, it is important to first get rid of the content that may be weighing us down. It is all fine to start creating amazing content from now on, but what about those less inspired pieces that were written years ago and forgotten? You may find that this old content is still being indexed which will bring your site down. Therefore finding and removing unnecessary content should be your first step in your newly developed content strategy. A great way to start recognising unnecessary content is to do a scrape of your sites URLs. You can find many tools that can do this for you by doing a simple search. Once this is done you will find what is out there and available for crawlers. Determine which pages are being indexed and whether they should be excluded. Once you decide what is needed and what isn’t you can then get back to developing quality content.