Resorting to the Disavow Links Tool

Are you one of the unfortunate that has been left in a bad position due to a sketchy SEO firm? There were many SEO companies that took advantage of spammy links throughout their campaigns in the world free from harsh link penalties. While it worked a treat in the beginning, it has now left many businesses desperately trying to recover. For some businesses who find it almost impossible to make it back to comfortable position, it may be time to use the Disavow Tool. While many will tell you that the Disavow Tool should only be used as a last resort and to use it with extreme caution, if your business is struggling you want to be able to submit a successful reconsideration request as soon as possible. As the saying goes ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ don’t be overly picky when it comes to choosing the links to disavow. If you know that the SEO company you relied on used spammy methods, it’s probably wise to disavow the links that appeared while you were with them. It may be better to over disavow than to fail each reconsideration request you submit. Be brutal, and then once you out of the penalty you can always go back to see if there were any that you were too harsh on. Get it all done the first time and you won’t have to send multiple reconsideration requests and wait for long periods each time. The sooner you get this done the sooner you can get started on doing some positive things for your website. Simply removing all of the bad things won’t get you back in great ranking position; you need to start doing the things Google suggests such as great content. You can even mention the great things you are doing in your reconsideration requests to show you are making the effort to improve.