Rookie Mistakes in SEO

It is no secret that search engines have become the go to place for answers, information, shopping and entertainment and is ever increasing in popularity. This is why businesses have discovered the advantages of the web and are turning to SEO in order to keep their sites visible and successful. When you are new to SEO however, it can be difficult to grasp all of the necessary tools and guidelines you should be following. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by SEO newbies. The most common mistake made by newcomers is to stop thinking as users and to purely think as webmasters. Don’t you remember getting frustrated by sites that claimed to have the best information but didn’t or that page that seemed to take forever to load? Many newcomers forget these times and consistently make the same mistakes when it comes to their own site. Try to avoid long page loads by decking you site with unnecessary images and videos, if it can be said in text then this is what you should use. Users are unforgiving and do not like to wait for their information and will quickly resort to other searches if your site takes too long. You also do not want to claim you offer something of value and fail to deliver. Be careful with your content and make sure it is engaging and useful to your readers whether it is the text on your site, social media or your blog posts. The overall lesson here is to care and relate to your users rather than simply worrying about search engines. Engage with your readers instead of resorting to an overload of links in short time frames that can lead to penalties down the road if you’re not careful.