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SEOs have become a major part of the corporate world. However, they often find difficulties in developing relationships with the traditional businesses. Most of the time, SEOs don’t get the appreciation and the courage they deserve from the co-workers who are unaware of the SEO’s purpose. They need to develop strong relationships with the upper level management in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or even let downs First of all, SEOs have to create a better understanding with the CTO, CMO or the CEO of the organization to make sure that their budget requests are properly responded and meet the required resources. This will also help to attain better organizational objectives. The upper management team members are always looking at the “big picture” and the bottom line as well. SEOs have to tailor their proposals regularly as the main objective of the top management team is to take the company on a higher level. SEO field may also change in future as there is much advancement made in technology everyday. The SEOs have to prepare the upper management to face any kind of changes and challenges that may affect the field of SEO in future. The CEO of the company must be prepared all the time for Penguin update or Panda. This will also ensure that the organization has all the required resources to handle any kind of situation in industry shifts. SEOs have to take the marketing team along with them to maintain the online collateral. This will help the SEOs to achieve their aims. Particularly, SEOs need to rely upon the company’s marketing team for webpage designs, Web content articles, Web video and Web banners. Mostly, the marketing team is updating the social media profiles of the company. This is very crucial in the overall performance of SEOs. Marketing department is also responsible to produce the material which is to be used in the SEO campaigns so it becomes more important that SEOs should be in touch with the marketing department all the time. However, it should be kept in mind that the marketing people are not trained to work with SEOs. In their educational career and training, the main importance is given to the value of their creative and unique concepts therefore they may not agree to change their concepts for the sake of SEO priorities. SEOs should not railroad their concepts and ideas with the marketing persons’. Sometimes, a well-developed marketing plan is of great value even it is not technically approved the SEOs. In the long run, the SEOs need the marketing people on their side to make the SEO campaigns more effective. Sometimes, the SEOs have to practice the “give and take”. The IT department may have a little importance for the SEOs as these people are responsible to make any change on the company’s website. Most of the IT professionals do not get the SEO training therefore they are not aware with the significance of how well the company’s website is ranked on the search result.