SEO and Time Management

We all know how easy it is to be distracted when it comes to the internet. With social media like Facebook we can go to check a notification and before you know it hours have passed. When you are working in SEO the potential of getting distracted multiplies significantly. We are constantly tempted to check social media, search for networking opportunities or find quality links without forming boundaries on when to stop. That is why time and task management becomes essential for SEO professionals. Making a list of the tasks you want to complete for the day is a good morning ritual. This means you won’t get stuck on one task longer than necessary. While you may not complete your entire list, it gives you a chance to prioritise and stick to a plan. Setting a time limit on these tasks will also help. If you are working in social media, try to limit your time spent and sign out to prevent you from getting distracted. By setting yourself goals you can motivate yourself to get those annoying tasks that you seem to always put off out of the way. This is very relevant for content writing. Set yourself at least an hour a day to write and form ideas on future content and blog entries. You may not get an entire article complete in this time but it certainly gives you a head start and makes your job easier the following day.