SEO: Improve Your Page Views Today!

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the formula that is applied to your content so that when a search engine crawls your page, it ranks you as close to the top of the queue as you can get. Now SEO isn’t something you can learn over night, but with time and dedication is can make your online content a great deal more popular. And it’s made up of two, relatively simple parts.

SEO Part 1: Keywords and Keyword Density

Which words you use in your content makes a difference. For instance, terms like “gardening tips” will get you a lot more page views than “rootebaga planting.” You have to use SEO search terms that garner a lot of attention, and you need to use them often enough that your page is recognised as a good example of that particular search term.

SEO Part 2: Backlinks and Popularity

The other half of SEO is making sure that links to your site and your site’s content appear in other places on the Internet. These links, called backlinks, make your site look more popular. The more popular your site is, and the more page views it has, the higher up your results are.