SEOs and the skies are not all that different

We all live in a world where everyone is in a hurry to achieve something. Also, the things we wish to achieve aren’t always around the corner but around the world and resultantly our jobs require a lot of traveling. Many of us might not realize but flying in airplanes has a lot to do with Search engine optimization (SEO). Let us understand how exactly that relationship is developed: 1. Check-in Most of us are very particular about our seats when traveling via air. We want the best window seat for ourselves. In order to achieve this, we need to reach the airport before time because most of the seating arrangements are on a first come, first serve basis. There are however some airways like AirTran that charge you for picking a seat of your liking. So, you need to pay for it before anyone does and so you need to check-in early in this case as well. It is the same with SEO. If you want the best for your website, you need have an SEO integrated as soon as possible. You should not wait for your site to finish before affiliating with an SEO, you can just go ahead and save yourself time, money and fetch yourself great results. 2. Security Before taking a flight, it is mandatory for you to follow some security procedures. You are not allowed to carry certain items and some have to be limited to a certain amount. It is the same with SEO. You need to be aware of all the factors that can zero in, such as: a) Are you aware of all the possible technical challenges? b) Do you have everything to make the changes that are required? c) What are the possible competitive challenges? 3. On board When you are on board, the pilot of the aircraft always comes to inform you about certain details like: a) Duration of the flight b) Any expected turbulences c) Weather conditions and its possible effects Apart from the pilot, the flight attendants also come to you and tell you the details of the food options you can avail, how to put on your seat belts and to ask you to turn off all the electronics. When it comes to these expectations, it is the same with SEO. If you are an SEO agency, then you will have to set some client expectation levels and in case you are an in-house SEO, then you will have to set some management expectation levels. In either case, setting standards is important. 4. Baggage It is not just you who travels on a plane. There are many people who take the same light and so there are chances that many of them will have identical or at least similar baggage. If not similar, there definitely would be many that would be of the same colors. S it is important to make your baggage seem different from the rest to facilitate in the differentiation. It is the same with SEO. You have to make efforts to make your SEO seem different from the rest.